© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Agfa Karat IV has an unusual advance lever–it works backwards.  That’s the only strike against it.  The index finger is not in a position to wind the film forward...the thumb is. Similar in appearance to the Kodak Retina cameras, it’s compact and much leaner than the Agfa Optimas.  Unlike the Optimas,  there’s nothing automatic about the Agfa Karat IV; it’s completely manual–no batteries and no light meter will be found on this camera. Agfa made 4 versions of the Karat IV.  The difference being in the lens each one was bequeathed.  The one I’m writing about is the most common of the four and has the Solinar 50mm  2.8 lens which is
also the slowest of the group.  Any one these will run you a pretty penny, especially the ones with the 50mm 2.0 lenses.  The other 3 are the: 1. Solagon 50mm 2.0 2. Rodenstock Heligon 50mm 2.0 3. Schneider Xenon 50mm 2.0 The front pops out swiftly and with purpose and the bellows is encased and protected by the projecting face.  It has a depth-of- view scale and 2 marked settings on the focus ring and 1 on the aperture ring for quick photography when focusing is not an option.  That’s as fancy as the camera gets. The leather case is slim to match the camera and made of all durable leather.  The straps for  these
leather cases can sometimes degrade to the point that they can be torn like a sheet of paper.  It’s best to  test them to see if they hold or tear.  If they tend to the latter,  I  recommend removing them to avoid suffering a loss or damage to your prized camera.  Nevertheless, if this is of no concern to you,  go for it; only tread lightly–no sudden moves.
Agfa Karat IV Photography