© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Agfa Optima 500S was the top fixed rangefinder in the Optima line that did not require a battery.  It  had what the IIS and IIIS dreamed about on murky nights: a self-timer and the Solinar lens.  Everything else was pretty much the same including the cases.  The cases for the rangefinders in the Optima line had the number 6112.  Another thing about the 500S is that it could be found with either a brown leather case (the more
common case) or a black leather case. Why Agfa did it, I won’t venture to say; but, for some reason when it comes to the IIS,  the IIIS, and the 500S they all have a non- rangefinder version.  Hence, there’s also an Agfa Optima 500 without the “S.”  It’s missing the self-timer and the Solinar lens and there’s really no difference between the II, the III and the 500.  If they didn’t have a number on them you’d have a difficult time
trying to figure out the model.  I’m guessing that the II stood for a top shutter speed of 1/200 of second and so on down the line. The Optima 500S like the others, is a beautiful camera and loaded with brushed chrome that even if they don’t work are great for display purposes.
Agfa Optima 500S Photography
Agfa Optima 500S Manual