© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Agfa Silette (Vario) is probably the simplest of the Silette line.  It has 3 speeds and no rangefinder nor a light meter.  It’s simple yet problematic for the photographer who has to figure out the the correct exposure without all niceties that better equipped cameras normally possess.  It does, however, come with a depth-of- field scale. If you haven’t noticed it, this camera has a huge view.  Just
take a look at that huge eye in the front and you’ll understand.  Not many cameras let you see so much and so clearly.  It clouds up inside though, so it’s best to remove the top and scrap away the plastic holding the lenses in place, clean them, apply glue to the edges of the black container that holds the lenses and put the lenses back on.  Pliobond or Elmers glue will do the trick. This camera came with a hardy all leather case with silver
buttons and strap eyelets.  It’s a fine example of a leather case.  You’d think with all the cows we have here, and since we no longer make any cameras, we’d make them for all those other countries that do manufacture them. This camera comes with great seals in the back that are not disposed to decomposing; so, I took this light aluminium simpleton, out for a shoot and was pleased with the results.
Agfa Silette (Vario) Agnar 45mm 2.8 Photography