© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The King Regula IIIbk is not a rangefinder but it’s a wonderful camera nonetheless.  It’s covered in light chrome lending to the more delicate designs offered by King.  It still has good weight and the two-tone of the contrasting chrome and black gives it that high quality appearance. But it’s not only in appearance that the camera excels but also in the lens department.  This one has the Rodenstock-Trinar lens and there is also one with the Steinheil Munchen Cassar lens.  There may also exist one with the Tessar lens.  That one I have yet to see. It’s got a Prontor-SLK shutter bringing to the table speeds ranging from 1 second to 1/300th of second.  The f/stops line-up from 2.8 to 16.  It’s got a self- timer and supports flash
photography at any of its speeds.  These models have a light meter but don’t count on them working; most of them do not.  You’ll have to provide the light meter and a portable rangefinder or you can use the handy-dandy depth-of- field scale that  comes with the camera. The serial numbers for these cameras can be found upon opening the rear door.  Sometimes you’ll see them right below the opening across the span where the film dares to overpass or if it doesn’t seem like the camera has a serial number, then look on top behind the pressure plate and you should spot it.  The later ones seem to have them there based on the serial numbers I’ve seen. The great thing about this camera is that it’s completely
manual and it is also designed to shift to other shutter speeds and f/stop combinations if you so desire.  It has a frame counter and the frame advance lever snaps back like lightning.  The accessory shoe is off-center and to the left; it was either the light meter or the shoe for the center spot and the light meter won the position. The top portion and the nose of the hard case are made of tough plastic material with the top being trimmed with silver; the rest of the bottom part is all sewn-in leather.  Unfortunately, the two don’t come together quite perfectly and you have to work at getting the top to cover the bottom completely.  Still, it’s an excellent case.
King Regula IIIbk Photography
This one has the Steinheil Munchen Cassar Lens