© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Revue 400 SE is mainly a European Camera.  You will seldom find it here in the USA...but it can be found by luck or by diligence.  I found this one by chance and so here it is.  It’s a dead ringer for the Vivitar 35ES–they’re practically twins...well, how about really close fraternal twins?  They do have some differences.  For instance the tops have a different design and the  Revue 400 SE has a PC terminal but the Vivitar 35ES does  not.  There are a few other minor details that distinguishes them; but, one can tell that whoever  made the Revue 400 SE also made the Vivitar 35ES.  The Vivitar 35ES is not the only camera that could be mistaken for  a Revue 400SE.
This miniature camera is a rangefinder with shutter priority which means you set the speed 1/8 to 1/500 and the camera automatically selects the appropriate f/stop.  It requires a PX675 or an LR44 battery for this portion to work otherwise the aperture wing will just open to the same size for every shot taken.  Unfortunately, this 400 SE is not firing on all its pistons.  The aperture ring is stuck.  It moves slightly but remains at f/11 and squeezes down to f/16 when the trigger is pulled, even though the CDs meter works and prescribes a different f/stop when seen through the viewfinder.  Normally, once you get an f/stop reading you freeze that reading by pressing have way down on the shutter release button–a manual
exposure lock.  Some of the blades have a slight film of oil on them and may be the reason for it being inoperative. The self-timer needs work too.  It doesn’t wait for you to press the shutter release first before going to work.  After winding it, the moment you actuate the self-timer lever, it shoots out of the starting block as if it were being chased by greyhounds.  Even so, I managed to get a few pictures despite its shortcomings. The Revue 400 SE came with an all black leather hard case except for the nose, that being a hard plastic.  This one arrived with the accessory flash “Revue tron b20.”  A typical in-your-face type of flash that came with its own faux- leather or hard malleable cardboard case.
Revue 400 SE Photography