© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Ricoh 35 is a rangefinder that’s related to the Riken 35.  It’s a two-tone camera that’s all metal on the outside.  It has the Riken shutter which is a step down from the Riken 35 which has the better equipped Seikosha–Rapid shutter.  The top speed is 1/200 and the lowest speed is 1/10 and the f/stops go from 3.5 to 16. Hence, it’s an easy camera to operate.  It winds using the lever at the bottom of the camera and once the roll of film has been finished the entire back comes off as shown in one of the photos above.  Flash photography can be done at all its speeds once connected to PC connector; it does not have a hotshoe.  It’s a smooth focusing rangefinder that’s fun to shoot with.  It has a peach-orange square within the viewfinder that
lights up the focusing. The lens is the Riken Ricomat 45mm 3.5 and it’s a very good lens.  This camera, as most of that era, came with or had available a very top quality leather case.  The picture above shows the durability of the case.  The tripod connection on this camera is very unorthodox.  For whatever reason, it was positioned to the far right of the camera leaving all that extra weight clamoring for balance. It has no built-in light meter, so you’ll have to make use of one or not.  It’s up to you. Let’s talk accessories.  There were Ricoh flashes available for the Ricoh 35 at that time.  The Ricoh Flash Unit B-300 was one of them.  It has a large unfolding dish and takes 3 AA batteries instead of a capacitor and a
different battery. The other one was the Ricoh Flash Unit BC-605.  This one is more easily found and it came in different colors with slight alterations but the name “BC-605” was never changed.  Both of these flashes could work corded or uncorded.  Some of the BC-605 units came with a dual cord because some cameras like the first Ricolet had a different pc terminal connection.  This flash needed a 200MFD 22.5WV capacitor and a 22.5V Battery. The final accessory I’ll mention, is the Ricoh 35 Closeup Adapter.  This adapter once placed on the Ricoh 35 gave the camera the power to focus on subjects between 18-30 inches.
Ricoh Flash Unit BC-605 Manual Ricoh Flash Unit B-300 Manual Ricoh 35 Close-Up Adapter