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The Ricoh Elnica 35M is one of those cameras that without batteries, nothing works...except for the rangefinder.  In those days that was not common–today that’s the norm.  Exposure is electronically controlled.  The focus is the only thing you have to worry about.  So, if you just want to relax and not concern yourself about all the variables required to properly expose the film, then this is a good camera to own. It’s a large electronic rangefinder, it’s hefty, and it looks really good.  It comes with rope like strap with J-hooks with plastic covers.  It is not an easy camera to find and the price for acquisition isn’t cheap.  The batteries can be
found by searching online and when I received them, I took the camera out for a quick shoot and below are the results. It’s very well put together and the focusing is smooth and controlled.  It uses 2 EPX640 batteries and the camera has an amber light on top and inside the viewfinder.  When the shutter release is pressed one-quarter of the way down the amber light comes on.  This may be to capture the exposure or to let you know that the camera is functioning fully.  When it’s pressed down half-way down, if the light goes off, you can release the shutter.  If the light does not go out after
pressing it down half-way, taking the picture is not recommended.  This is speculation as to how it works since I don’t have the manual. You can also use EPX640 adapters with the LR44 batteries instead of buying the expensive EPX640 batteries. This combination is the way to go. It has a self-timer with a red light in the front that lights up 2 seconds before the picture is taken; and, you have a choice between “auto” and “manual” for the flash switch on the back with a guide number control below the lens.  The lens is a 40mm 1.8 Rikenon so you can’t complain.
Ricoh Elnica 35M Photography
Just drop the LR44 battery in the space provided The LR44 battery is very small compared to the EPX640 battery