© 2013 Oscar Cintronmarina
The Ventura 66 Deluxe is a renamed Agfa Isolette II with a better shutter and lens.  This one has the Solinar lens but this Deluxe probably had the option of an Apotar lens as well based on the offerings for the Ventura 69 Deluxe.  It has a depth of field scale, a double exposure prevention mechanism and the Compur–Rapid shutter. Like all the other Venturas (Isolettes & Billy Records) the focusing is almost always guaranteed to be stuck in place.  As I mentioned for the Ventura
69 Agnar 105mm, by using your toaster oven, you can easily separate the stuck focusing ring.  The bellows, too, needs to be patched up or completely replaced in order to stave off the light rays from searing the pictures during the photography session. It uses 120 film, of course, and does not come with a rangefinder or light meter.  The photos are square and the negatives are very large when you compare them with the 35mm negatives.  All-in-all, a
fun camera to shoot with.  It’s smaller than the Ventura 69 but not lightweight and a great leather case was available for it.  On this model you use the cable release on the top of the camera instead of around the lens area like some of the other Ventura models. Below are a few photographs taken with the camera.  You’ll see a few where the light filtered through the bellows.  I redid the bellows and refocused the lens; hopefully, there won’t be any leaks on the next run.
Ventura 66 Deluxe Photography