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There are two versions of the Yashica 635.   There’s a Yashikor 3.5 version and a Yashinon 2.8 version.  This one is the former.  The Yashica 635 has the basic TLR shape and is very similar  to the other Yashica TLRs except for one feature and that is that it can be converted to a 35mm camera using the 35mm adapter kit which came along with the camera when it was purchased. I had this camera repaired by Mr. Mark Hama, who specializes in repairing Yashica cameras.  Someone had attached a Yashinon lens to the taking lens, the name plate was loose and broken and the 35mm mechanism was not working correctly.  He also CLA’ed it and now it’s a fine working camera. I used a tripod for this camera
as I normally do when shooting TLRs.  You only get 12 shots so you need to make them count.  I don’t use them very often; hence, they feel awkward plus everything is opposite from what it really is when viewing it through the viewfinder.  Something to remember is that it is very easy to double expose with this camera purposely or inadvertently. If you wish to use a cable shutter release, you’ll have to find a cable release adapter which screws in after you’ve removed the original ring around the shutter release button.  The 35mm adapter kit is composed of 7 pieces which includes the case.  You need a bare minimum of five pieces in order to work with 35mm film.  Therefore, if you
find one without the case or the sport’s finder you’ll still be able shoot 35mm film without missing a beat. The original case is not easy to find.  Occasionally, you’ll see some for sale that come along with a case but for the most part they come alone and without the 35mm adapter kit.  However, there are other original Yashica cases which are about the same size inside and out having dividing sections within. Another thing about shooting  with the 35mm adapter kit is that it’s set-up for portrait style configuration and it’s not easy to use for landscapes.  Setting it up on a tripod will greatly ameliorate shooting in the landscape position. I’ve included photo samples for each format below.
120 FILM
35mm FILM
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